What our customers are saying about Iconoclast Support Boots

Sophie de Clifford Dressage

Horse boots can be a tricky one!

I have tried many different brands and styles over the years but have found Iconoclast boots from LJ's Equine Gear - Iconoclast NZ provide everything I need in a boot.

I am always confident that these boots are providing optimum protection for my horses' legs. They have great coverage and are soft and flexible to ensure there is no restriction.
I have been using these boots daily on multiple horses for 2 years now and I have never had a boot slip or rub, even in the wettest conditions!
These are available in a huge range of sizes

Kirsten Gooch

I've just got my horse a set of fronts, they are amazing. I really love how they cover so much of the horses leg and it's only one boot you are having to put on. Thanks heaps amazing product.

Jo Telfer

I have the most infuriating young warmblood dingbat gelding that has been overreaching and ripping shoes off regularly -  not only that hes been mutilating overreach boots non stop 🙈 

I have got to that stage where I thought I was going to have to try the pull ons  (heaven help me ) Hes had the Iconoclast on for over a fortnight hes living in them 24x7 out in a paddock No rubbing, they are staying in place and he hasn't pulled them off once. This is a record. 

He is a pedigree muppet - I see him out there trying to pull them off with his teeth and they are holding firm. Highly recommend!!!!

Peachy Scahill

Highly recommend, looking after our horses legs is a #1 priority!!! Huny will be fitted soon wearing the Extra Tall hind boots 💖😍 The bell boots alone have protected her whist spinning like no other bell boots! Very pleased with the results.

Catherine Ladd

I love the support these boots give to your horses legs, more support than other similar products due to the double sling straps. Great fit due to the many size options available and the great fit is made apparent by the fact dirt and sand doesn't get down in the boot and they don't move.
All these benefits at a very affordable price.

Sophie de Clifford Dressage

These bell boots are the best I have come across. 

Ultra light weight.
Superb no turn fit, covering both the heels and the shoe.
Quality double velcro to ensure they stay on!

Becky Corlett

I tentatively bought these boots after spending a small fortune on a different ‘premium’ brand, only to find that they rubbed my poor horse’s legs raw!! 

Having tried these for a while now I can honestly say, these Iconoclast boots are the BEST boots I’ve ever used. ✔️Customizable fit. ✔️No rubbing. ✔️No sand getting inside the boots, even in a soaked arena. ✔️Easy to rinse off. ✔️Hard wearing. They look brand new and have been thrashed this winter. ✔️And they clearly offer fantastic support. 

I have even been wearing the boots over the scabbed up wounds and they haven't rubbed off the scabs or agitated them at all. Shows how well they fit. 

I will only be buying these boots in the future. The investment is worth it!! 

Robyn Rogers

I love these boots, also fantastic for working thoroughbreds at the track as they keep the sand out and so far have stopped all of our horses from getting rubs on their hind bumpers (hind fetlock joints) which is saving $$$ as we normally have a few we have to vetrap, especially on gallop mornings, but now with the boots we don't have to bandage any making life much simpler. 

Sophie de Clifford Dressage

I love the way these boots fit and don't move. They wash off easily and are dry ready to use the following day. In the recent wet weather I found they kept the sand out and have not caused any boot rubs. These boots provide great protection and are quick and easy to put on.

I'll continue to use Iconoclast boots daily on all of my horses. 

Bronwyn Paul

Love these boots for my dressage boy! 

My boy had surgery on his hind suspensory & I looked for supportive boots for him. I have tried others but found these very supportive. He has been wearing them for 2 years now without any issues. 

They don't seem to collect sand in them when training either, even wet sand in winter. He uses them everyday & they have lasted extremely well. I will definitely be getting a second set for him soon & will be using them when my young one is old enough. 

Barb Clouston

I tried the whole set a couple of weekends ago at a barrel racing jacpot and am impressed on how the dirt just doesn't get in them compared to the many other brands I've tried in the past. 

Jaimee Edwards

Loving the boots! They really work a treat & stay in place which is very important. 

Sam Baker

These are the fourth brand of boots I have bought. Used the Iconoclast fronts & Professional Choice backs at training on the weekend. Absolutely no comparison. I am so pleased with them, they didn't move, had hardly any sand in them & just fit so nicely, I'm converted! Love the fronts and tall hinds. 

Ken Hawkins

I am sold on these boots, I love the extra protection they provide for my horses legs. 


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